Why an evaluation at JumpStart?

Unlike similar service providers, JumpStart Autism Centers have medical professionals who can determine if your child’s developmental delay or behavioral differences will require Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions (EIBI) or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatments. EIBI and ABA are evidence-based services proven to increase your child’s social skills, communication skills, learning and problem solving skills, adaptive skills, and motor skills, as well as reduce challenging behaviors. The collaboration between our psychologist (medical provider) and behavioral analysts (BCBAs) reduces the duration between when your child receives diagnosis and when they start high quality treatment. Receiving a medical diagnosis is the first step to starting EIBI and ABA services.

What happens during an evaluation?

JumpStart’s ASD evaluations include an extensive review with you of your child’s behavioral, medical, and family history. We will also complete direct assessment of their skills (e.g., intelligence and executive functions, developmental skills, social and language, cognition/memory, and educational levels), as well as indirect assessment of their abilities in the form of questionnaires (e.g., symptom and behavior presentation and adaptive skills).

JAC’s psychological and neurodevelopmental evaluations can help answer a range of complex questions. We conduct assessments for individual’s ages 1 to 16 years. We accept referrals for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, and development disabilities. The evaluation will start in the morning (between 8AM-9AM) and last 4-8 hours depending on your child’s age. The older your child is, the longer the evaluation will take to complete. During the evaluation there will be multiple short breaks and an hour lunch break. Test results are provided during a follow-up feedback appointment.

How do I get started with an evaluation?

Taking the first step is as easy as filling out JumpStart’s intake documents, which can be downloaded from our “ASD Evaluations and Diagnosis” page. You can also prepare any additional reports or documents that will assist us in understanding your child’s behavior, and developmental and medical history. While waiting for your child’s evaluation, it is important to start contacting ABA service providers and talking to your social support network.

Why is JAC’s treatment program right for my child?

JAC specializes in developing individualized treatments to meet the needs of our neurodiverse population. We believe the student knows best and any slow progress is a result of our inability to modify the environment to meet their learning needs and not their inability to learn. Therefore, we know every child can learn, and it is our job to identify how to teach your child. Similarly, we believe we can individualize a successful program for your child through very precise measurement of behavior and breaking skills into their smallest behavioral unit (i.e., an behavioral atom). We will not quit in our quest to develop the most effective VB-ABA program for your child. They will be successful! Finally, JAC’s services are right for your child because our staff is trained to make learning fun. Fun teaches activities that will result in accelerated learning. JAC’s programs are right for your child, because your child will make rapid progress while having fun during individual, dyad, and group learning activities.

Why is JAC’s VB-ABA treatment model so successful?

JAC harnesses the power in the science of learning (i.e., Verbal Behavior & Applied Behavior Analysis) with the power in the science of teaching (i.e., precision teaching) to create dynamic learning environment for your child. Such a dynamic learning environment allows us to teach targeted skills to mastery and fluency to ensure the skills are generalized across the child’s environments, maintained for a lifetime, and adapted to meet their needs in their life. Our use of precision measurement techniques requires us to individualize your child’s program and regularly assess your child’s progress; hence the precision measurement. Your child’s program will never become stagnate, because as soon as a skills is mastered and is fluent, then we move to the next goal within your child’s program. It is not uncommon for clients to master goals on a daily basis. JAC’s VB-ABA treatment model is so successful because it results in rapid learning of skills that builds into an eventual change in developmental trajectory and improved quality of life for you and your child.

Why does JAC use a VB-ABA model of intervention?

The science of Verbal Behavior (VB) provides a developmental and behavioral framework to teach social, communication, and learning skills. Our BCBAs utilize the VB framework to develop individualized interventions that are taught by using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We use ABA and reinforcement to teach your child the specific component behaviors (we call them behavioral atoms) needed to learn a larger composite skill. The behavioral atoms are then combined to teach larger composite skills. Many composite skills are then combined into larger functional skills. A VB-ABA treatment model that uses precision measurement allows your child to reach their maximal social, communication, and learning potential while developing their individual talents in a fun and engaging setting.

How do I get started with a treatment program at JAC?

First, your child will need to complete an evaluation to determine if ABA services are medically necessary. If your child has already completed an evaluation with us or another provider, then you can easily start your treatment process at JAC by scheduling a tour of one of our centers. Additionally, you can contact us to find out more information.

Does insurance cover services with JAC?

In most cases your insurance policy will pay for ABA services. We will need to complete an evaluation to determine if ABA services are medically necessary. If ABA services are determined to be medically necessary by our clinical psychologists, then we work with your insurance to gain a prior authorization for ABA services. We accept most major insurance policies and Medicaid in Colorado and New Mexico. If we are not contracted with your insurance company, then we will attempt to develop an individual contract to serve your child. However, if ABA services are explicitly excluded from your child’s policy, then even if we’re contracted with your insurance company we will not be approved to provide ABA services to your child. Please learn more about insurance coverage on our “Fees and Insurance” page under the “Getting Started” tab.

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