Accelerated Learning Lab FAQs

Does my child need an ASD or other developmental diagnosis to receive academic tutoring through the Accelerated Learning Lab? 

No! We can help any child regardless of diagnosis. We approach every child as a unique learner who deserves an individualized instructional approach founded in science in order to change their academic trajectory.

Are the programs “one size fits all” type services?

No! After the initial consultation and academic assessment, we create an individualized learning plan specific to the needs of your learner.  

What grade levels do the Accelerated Learning Lab programs cater to? 

We currently offer assessments and enrollments in the following areas and skill levels:

  • Academic Readiness (Pre-K through Kindergarten)
  • Reading (Pre-K through Elementary)
  • Comprehension (Kindergarten through Elementary)
  • Mathematics (Kindergarten through Elementary)
  • Handwriting (Kindergarten through Elementary)

What does an assessment include? 

Each subject assessment includes all of the following:

  • One (1) hour assessment with your learner by an Instructional Specialist,
  • An assessment summary report,
  • An individualized learning plan specific to the needs of your learner based on the assessment results
  • A post-assessment consultation meeting, during which the findings from the assessment will be reviewed and an individualized learning plan will be proposed with a recommended enrollment level.

What do the enrollment packages include? 

Each enrollment package includes:

  • Precise, targeted intervention following your child’s individualized learning plan in one-on-one instructional format with highly-trained Instructional Specialists
  • Data tracking, daily data analysis, and program modifications by your student’s Instructional Specialists
  • Two make-up sessions
  • One complete re-assessment of the targeted subject area at the end of the enrollment
  • A re-assessment meeting to discuss overall progress and further recommendations

My child is currently participating in virtual education. Can the Accelerated Learning Lab help with that? 

Yes, through our Hybrid & Virtual Education Support services.  These services are intended to support the student during virtual education time, typically while the student may be receiving instruction via live web-based teaching, recorded video, or during independent work. Instructional Specialists help the student meaningfully participate in virtual instruction, stay on task, complete assignments, and develop self-management skills toward increasing independent learning. 

I am currently homeschooling my child. Can the Accelerated Learning Lab support my child and I through this journey?

In addition to typical enrollment packages available to homeschool students, the Lab also offers specialized curriculum, instructional planning, and supports to homeschool students and their parents/guardians leading the homeschool program. These specialized programs for homeschool students are highly individualized based on the needs of the learners and their parents.

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