Early Learner Program

At JumpStart Autism Center (JAC), we pride ourselves on our comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. Our goal is to provide highly effective services to change your child’s developmental trajectory, maximize your ability to teach your child new skills, and improve your family’s quality of life. To determine your child’s placement within our specialized program offerings, we conduct an individual comprehensive treatment evaluation with your child to best determine their areas of strength and needs.

Our Early Learner Program is a full-day, comprehensive intervention program for young children up to six (6) years of age with skill sets of up to three years of developmental ability. This program is explicitly designed to change your child’s developmental trajectory. Similarly, our goal for every learner in this program is to enter their academic years with their peers and prepared to learn in general education settings. In our Early Learner Program, also known as an Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions (EIBI) model, children receive individualized, one-on-one intervention targeting most areas of development. JumpStart Autism Center is one of the only ABA providers to incorporate behavioral fluency into our mastery criteria. By using behavioral fluency as a criterion for mastery, we are able to ensure a leaners acquisition of skills is accelerated at a doubling per week and ensure once a learner has acquired a skill it remains a stable skill for the rest of their life.

Each child in the Early Learner Program participates in daily programming targeting goals across cognitive, social, communication, play, motor and self-care areas. Our Early Learner Program’s comprehensive approach also allows us to create interventions that reduce aggression, self-injury, and restricted, repetitive behaviors.

Program Placement & Commitment

Based on your child’s comprehensive treatment evaluation and medical necessity determination, JAC’s clinical team will provide a placement decision that includes the number of hours of treatment necessary for your child’s best outcomes. Our placement and medical necessity determination are based on your child’s needs, deficits, and severity of impairment, and it is consistent with research regarding the level of service necessary to remediate deficits in the quickest amount of time. To participate in any of JAC’s specialized programs, we require a commitment to treatment of at least 80% of the total recommended hours per week.

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