ASD Evaluations And Diagnosis

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a very complex neurodevelopmental disorder. JumpStart Autism Center (JAC) specializes in evaluating children ages 1-7 years old who may have ASD or other neurodevelopmental disabilities.

JAC’s ASD evaluations include a review of your child’s behavioral and medical history, direct assessment of their skills, and indirect assessment of their abilities (e.g., questionnaires). JAC’s assessments typically include the following:

  • Completion of intake documents
  • Completion of ASD screening measures (M-CHAT & CSBS-DP),
  • Assessment of your child’s developmental abilities (MSEL & PLS-5),
  • Assessment of your child’s intellectual, memory, attention, executive function, communication, visual spatial, and motor skills,
  • Assessment of your child’s adaptive skills (e.g., VABS-2),
  • All individuals referred for an ASD evaluation will participate in ADOS-2,
  • Completion of behavioral questionnaires (Social Responsiveness Scale-Revised, Behavior Assessment System for Children-Revised)

In addition to completing JAC’s ASD evaluation forms you can prepare any additional reports or documents that will assist us in understanding your child’s behavior, and developmental and medical history. While waiting for your child’s evaluation it will be important to start contacting ABA providers and talking to your social support network.

JAC prioritizes preschool and school-age children for diagnostic assessments. Unlike similar service providers, JAC is able to decrease the delay between diagnosis and initiation of Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions (EIBI) and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) treatment. This is significant because EIBI and ABA treatments are the most effective types of interventions for children with ASD and reflect national standards of ASD treatment.

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